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About Marr Traffic

Meet The Team

Our Founders


Marr Traffic was founded in 2015 by Murray Allan, David Hannah, and Neil McMillan. Following a conversation with his wife about the requirement for data collection services in the US, Murray reached out to David & Neil, knowing they had started a successful UK based company in 2000 undertaking exactly these types of projects.

The name Marr and the use of purple and gold in our logo is a tribute to Marr College, the high school Murray, David and Neil attended in Troon, Scotland.

Marr Traffic is a privately owned traffic data collection firm. Our leadership team has more than 75 years of traffic data collection and project management combined experience, and has completed over 3,500 unique data collection projects across 14 states, covering the entire Southeast.





Innovative Problem Solvers



Internal and External Trusted Relationships



Detail-Oriented. Measure Twice, Cut Once



Take Ownership Over Attitude, Performance & Results

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our Team


Our talented operations and client relations teams focus on building relationships, facilitating solutions, and delivering traffic data that drives our clients.

We run on EOS


The Entrepreneurial Operating System [EOS] allows Marr Traffic to better develop relationships and facilitate solutions. EOS is a simple and proven operating system used by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide. It has helped us to clearly define the Marr vision, instill better focus, discipline and accountability throughout the company while developing a more cohesive and healthy leadership team.  Through constant improvement and assessment we strive to enhance the solutions we offer with a focus on always delivering on time, accurate data. 

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