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Marr Traffic is your trusted source for accurate data. We have extensive experience in exactly the types of traffic counts you are requesting. Examples of our services include but are not limited to Turning Movement Counts, Speed/Volume and Class Surveys, Parking Studies, Pedestrian and Cyclist Counts, Origin-Destination Surveys, Travel-Time Studies, Roundabout Counts, Drone Surveys with artificial intelligence safety analysis, Queue Length Surveys, and Stop Line Delay Analysis. These services have been completed for cities, counties, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and State Departments of Transportation throughout the U.S.

Covering the Southeast



Marr Traffic is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee with offices in Atlanta,Georgia, Raleigh, North Carolina, Orlando, Florida, Louisville, Kentucky, Dallas, Texas and serving the Southeast region.

With a focus on data accuracy, Marr Traffic Data Collection has the experience and ability to undertake all types and sizes of video surveillance traffic data collection. Currently, Marr Traffic is pre-qualified with the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. 

Meet The Team


Marr Traffic is a privately owned traffic data collection firm. Our leadership team has over 60 years of traffic data collection and project management experience combined, and has completed tens of thousands of data collection projects throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Murray Allan

President & Co-founder

Nate Prathaftakis

Director of Business Development

David Hannah

VP & Co-founder

Griffin Holloway

Account Executive

Neil McMillan

VP & Co-founder

Rob Miller

Operations Manager

Marr Traffic runs on EOS


Marr Traffic is proud to run on EOS – The Entrepreneurial Operating System. There are countless benefits to ourselves and our clients from running the business in this way.

EOS begins with identifying a vision and core values for your organization. We define who we are, where we’re going, how we’ll get there and each team member’s role within that journey. This is openly shared and communicated on a regular basis with all employees which creates a shared vision and set of values within the team.

Another key element is ensuring that we have the right person in the right seat across the whole organization. Because we are clear about our organization’s vision, core values and structure, we are a free to focus on bringing the right people on board who are a strong fit.

EOS provides a framework for us to document our best practices, and improve upon and simplifying them. As a result, our employees are able to execute their work more accurately and efficiently.

Finally, EOS promotes honest and transparent communication throughout all levels of our business. This is one of the most important ways that we build trust throughout all employees. With EOS, we spend a lot of time and energy identifying our vision and how we’ll achieve it. Our frequent and open discussions create buy-in and alignment across the whole team.

Core Values.jpg
Core Values


Do What It Takes - When we say yes to something we do everything required to get the job done, no matter what.
Can Do Attitude - We are positive, we take initiative, we are are problem solvers and solutions oriented. We don't look for excuses or give up.
Teamwork - Collectively we are each part of the Marr team. Together we are part of a team with each of our clients.
Be Accountable - Take responsibility. Do what is expected and what we say we will do. Learn from our mistakes. Be disciplined enough to say no to things.
Attention to Detail - Accurate data is the core of our business. Measure twice cut once.

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Core Focus


To build relationships & facilitate solutions.


Delivering Traffic Data that drives our clients.

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