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  • 1. What size of traffic surveys do you have the capacity to undertake?
    At Marr Traffic we have the resources and experience to undertake anywhere from a single intersection for just the peak hours, to 300+ intersections for 24 hours, all on the same day.
  • 2. What is the typical turnaround time from the survey being completed to me receiving my analyzed report data?
    This will vary depending on the size of the surveys, however in general you can expect to receive your data within 5 working days for a standard sized project, within 10 working days for a medium-sized project with approximately 30 intersections, and anywhere above that will be in the region of 15 working days. Of course if your project is time-critical then please do let us know, as we are always able to accommodate short turnaround requests where required.
  • 3. In what classifications can you provide my data?
    We can literally provide your data in as many or as few classifications as suits your requirements. If you only need basic volume counts we can provide these, and of course for more complex projects we can perform a complete FHWA13 classification to provide a higher level of detail.
  • 4. What areas and states do you undertake surveys in?
    At Marr Traffic we have offices spread across the southeast of the country, and we serve every state, city and town within this region. On our contacts page you can see a list of our offices, as well as a map showing the coverage area. If you have any requirements within this area then please just let us know, we are always here when it counts.
  • 5. What level of experience does your company have?
    At Marr Traffic we have been selected to work on multi-year DOT contracts in North Carolina and South Carolina, and regularly undertake DOT surveys in Tennessee and Georgia also. On any given year we will be awarded more than 1000 unique count projects by our clients, and these can vary from a single intersection, to over 200 count sites. We analyze over 10,000 hours of footage every month, and our leadership team have a combined experience in excess of 70 years in the data collection industry. Just get in touch and we will show you how much we care about collecting accurate data on your behalf!
  • 6. What cities/areas/states do you service.
    We have numerous offices across the southeast region, and as such cover every town/city/area as shown on the map on our Contact Us page. The states include, but are not limited to - TN, GA, FL, TX, AL, NC, SC, KY, MS, VA and LA.


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