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Queue Length Studies

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A great complement to an intersection count, queue length surveys provide detailed secondary information relating to the length of queues that vehicles on each arm are experiencing at a specific intersection at certain peak times of the day.

With European roots Marr Traffic has the expertise and experience to conduct counts at a roundabout of any size and complexity. Our MarrCam® cameras are lightweight and compact allowing us to easily deploy multiple cameras to cover all movements if required. 

Video footage or photographs captured by one of our FAA licensed pilots flying a drone offers a unique aerial perspective. This allows for a greater vantage point when monitoring queues and traffic flows as well as offering great imagery construction progress and of completed projects.

Each vehicle is not only classified, but also assigned a particular directional movement. These surveys provide a detailed breakdown of how an intersection operates, and are always conducted using mini HD Video Surveillance cameras. A recording can be given to the client should the client request one.


Why Marr Traffic?


Marr Traffic Data Collection has the experience and ability to undertake all types and sizes of video surveillance traffic data collection in the Southeast.

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First and foremost, we value the quality of data provided.

Without accurate and robust data, we cannot provide the reports and services that we do for our broad range of clients in throughout the Southeast.

Internal checks and reviews performed on every project are updated continuously.

Engineer-led client input and feedback has driven every improvement made over the years, giving clients confidence in our product for their analysis and subsequent implementations.

Our reliability and data accuracy is trusted by over 150 clients on more than 1,000 individual projects per year across more than a dozen states.

MarrCam Camera Systems North Carolina


Our MarrCam® traffic data collection cameras are some of the most technologically advanced and reliable pieces of camera equipment in the industry. This proprietary technology allows us to provide in-depth data and analysis for almost any study type including but not limited to traffic volume, classification, turn movement counts, queue length, roundabouts, pedestrian, cyclist, and parking lot studies. 
Key advantages of the
MarrCam® system are:

Installation only takes a few minutes and the MarrCam® can be attached to existing street furniture.
Rugged, all-weather design means the durable and robust
MarrCam® is capable of operating in even the most extreme environments.
MarrCam® can be programmed in advance in the comfort of the office, and then switched on once on site for installation.
MarrCam® has been designed with a built-in digital voltmeter and a 5-inch color monitor to allow technicians to verify battery life and display angle for recording.


Our camera equipment is unique and has been designed and built specifically for traffic data collection. They have been designed to be as light and compact as possible, and to have no pavement-based trip-hazards due to the fact that the entire unit is self-contained. They provide excellent image quality even in low light, and have battery power capable of lasting over 100 hours.

Marr Traffic has invested in building our inventory to over 600 MarrCams® giving us huge scope and capacity for even the largest and most challenging of projects. 

This technology allows us to both increase safety and improve data accuracy. Safety is increased by reducing the number of field staff required to be at each count location and reducing the time spent onsite.

Accurate and Trusted Data Solutions


Marr Traffic has the experience and technology to undertake all types and sizes of traffic data collection. Our MarrCam® traffic data collection cameras are some of the most technologically advanced in the industry. Its rugged, all-weather design means MarrCam® can operate in even the most extreme environments.

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Southeast Drone Videography & Advanced Data Analytics


With a focus on safety and operational challenges, the high-quality aerial view obtained via drones allows Marr Traffic to utilize their AI software to analyze the video overlaying heat maps showcasing conflicts as well as highlight vehicle frequencies, speeds, and trajectories.

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Marr Traffic recently partnered with Kimley-Horn on roundabout data analysis projects in California, Ohio, and Georgia with a particular focus on safety and operational challenges. The high-quality aerial view obtained via drones allowed Marr Traffic to utilize AI software to analyze the more

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Client Feedback

The timely manner in which these counts have been conducted, as well as the accuracy with which they are completed, I have received a number of compliments and praise from DOT staff.