Classified Turn Movement Counts

Counting and classifying all vehicles and the turn movements they make at an intersection. 

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A Few Good Reasons To Choose Marr
Marr Traffic Data Collection has the experience and ability to undertake all types and sizes of video surveillance traffic data collection. Currently Marr Traffic is pre-qualified with the Tennessee Department of Transportation,the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Camera Technology

Our in-house-built OmniCam cameras are some of the most technologically advanced in the industry.



Multiple step quality control process and spot checks to ensure accurate verification  of analysis and report data.

Custom Reporting

Analysis report provided in PDF & Excel as standard with custom data formatting and reporting available. 



100% of all video footage is viewed by our team of dedicated data analysts.



Our advanced technology and large number of data collection cameras help us to always be price competitive.

Quick turnaround

Full analysis report in 3-5 business days after data collection.


"The timely manner in which these 

counts have been conducted, as well as the accuracy  with  which  they  are  completed, I have received a number of  compliments and praises from DOT staff."

"We have continued to be impressed with the timeliness and quality of 

their data collection efforts.  Some of our projects require the data to be in a specific format and Marr 

Traffic was able to accommodate 

that request easily."

"I have used Marr Traffic as a 

subconsultant on many projects 

over the past few years.  I have been 

very pleased with their performance 

and responsiveness, and would not 

hesitate to recommend them to others."

Superior Video Data Collection

100% of all video surveillance footage is manually viewed and analyzed by our expert team of Data Analysts.


All Data Collection Footage Available on Request at No Additional Charge

Classified Turn Movement Counts

Each vehicle is not only classified, but also assigned a particular directional movement. These surveys provide a detailed breakdown of how an intersection operates, and are always conducted using mini HD Video Surveillance cameras. A recording can be given to the client should the client request one.

Queue Length Studies

A great complement to an intersection count, queue length Surveys provide detailed secondary information relating to the length of queues that vehicles on each arm are experiencing at a specific intersection at certain peak times of the day.

Roundabout Specialists

With European roots Marr Traffic has the expertise and experience to conduct counts at a roundabout of any size and complexity. Our OmniCam cameras are lightweight and compact allowing us to easily deploy multiple cameras to cover all movements if required. 

Drone Aerial Video & Photography

Video footage or photographs captured by one of our FAA licensed pilots flying a drone offers a unique aerial perspective. This allows for a greater vantage point when monitoring queues and traffic flows as well as offering great imagery construction progress and of completed projects.

A Few Recent Projects

Nashville, TN

6 Hour Classified Turn Movement Counts at 20 Intersections

City of Franklin, TN

3 Day Parking Study Looking at Occupancy & Capacity of 2 Parking Garages & Street Parking 

Charlotte, NC

6 Hour Classified Turn Movement Counts at 10 Intersections

Atlanta, GA

72 Hour Bi-directional Counts & Classified Turn Movement Counts at 18 Intersections

Knoxville, TN

8 Hour Classified Turn Movement Counts at 24 Intersections

Memphis, TN

Weekend Data Collection at 10 Locations to Analyze Traffic Volume & Impact of Interchange Bridge Closure

OmniCam 30
Data Collection Camera

Our OmniCam traffic data collection cameras are some of the most technologically advanced in the industry. This proprietary technology allows us to provide in-depth data and analysis for almost any survey type including but not limited to; traffic volume, classification, turn movement counts, queue length, roundabouts. pedestrian, cyclist, and parking lot surveys.

Working With Marr


Email Data Collection

Location, Date & Times


Cost Estimate Provided Within 24 Hours


Provide Notice To Proceed Via Email


Data Collected & Video Footage Analyzed


Report Data Emailed to Client. FREE Video Footage Available on Request

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