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Gulf Breeze, Traffic Count Project - 12 TMC Locations over 10 days




February to March 2020

On behalf of Volkert Inc, Marr Traffic was selected to collect a variety of traffic count, pedestrian and cycle data in Gulf Breeze, Florida. It was requested that data was collected at approximately 12 locations, each of which had to be filmed over the course of 10 days spread out throughout the months of February and March of 2020. These dates were specifically selected such that we were monitoring local holidays, festivals, carnivals and spring breaks. This meant that for this project it was essential that data was collected in full on those certain days, as there was no scope for re-surveying. For this reason, all locations had the equipment ‘doubled up’ at them to mitigate the risk of failures. By utilizing their extensive resources of equipment and staff, Marr Traffic ensured that all data was delivered on time and on budget.

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