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Classified Turn Movement Counts


Each vehicle is not only classified, but also assigned a particular directional movement. These surveys provide a detailed breakdown of how an intersection operates, and are always conducted using mini HD Video Surveillance cameras. A recording can be given to the client should the client request one.

Marr Reporting


Marr Traffic takes great pride in providing our clients with the highest quality report deliverables in the industry. Our data reports have been brought together through over 20 years of continual client feedback, adaptations, and improvements, allowing us to provide numerous time-saving features to assist our clients, and whenever required we can further customize our deliverables to suit any clients needs. The following are just a few of the advantages that our deliverables offer to our clients. We provide some great features to help streamline your workflow when utilizing our spreadsheets. Some quick highlights, the Peak Summary Tab on the TMC report has selectable time-period options. You can select the same peak period for all sites should the project have multiple peaks within the study area. We've also added a "Base Data" tab that lets you select your preferred orientation layout. All projects are delivered in PDF and Excel formats and include an importable synchro file. We also have a map link on our report files which provides a kmz site map of every project.

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Our Traffic Services

Intersection Turn Movement Counts

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ADT Classification & Speed Counts

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Queue Length & Delay Studies 

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Roundabout Studies

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Bicycle Studies

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Travel Time / Vehicle Journey Time Studies

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Drone AI


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Superior Drone Videography & Advanced Data Analytics

Drone Solutions


Marr Traffic has the capability and experience to undertake highly detailed drone AI safety analysis surveys anywhere in the US. With a particular focus on safety and operational challenges at roudabouts and intersections, the high-quality aerial view obtained via drones allows Marr Traffic to utilize AI software to analyze the video in great detail. This type of analysis allows us to count & track vehicle movements, identify near misses, incidences of heavy breaking, calculate time to collision times, monitor and track lane behaviour, and identify potential accidents. The AI technology allows us to overlay the drone footage with heat maps to showcase these conflicts, as well as highlight vehicle frequencies, speeds, and trajectories. Combining drone video analysis with collision data and other common data sets allows for a more comprehensive understanding of intersection and roundabout functionality and recommendations can then be made to update pavement markings, lane widths, signage, illumination, and lane geometry.