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Tennessee | North Carolina | Georgia 
Texas | Kentucky | Virginia
Marr Traffic Data Collection has the experience and ability to undertake all types and sizes of video surveillance traffic data collection. Currently Marr Traffic is pre-qualified with the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Our OmniCam traffic data collection cameras are some of the most technologically advanced in the industry. This proprietary technology allows us to provide in-depth data and analysis for almost any survey type including but not limited to; traffic volume, classification, turn movement counts, queue length, roundabouts. pedestrian, cyclist, and parking lot surveys.

Nashville, TN

6 Hour Classified Turn Movement Counts at 20 Intersections

City of Franklin, TN

3 Day Parking Study Looking at Occupancy & Capacity of 2 Parking Garages & Street Parking 

Charlotte, NC

6 Hour Classified Turn Movement Counts at 10 Intersections

Atlanta, GA

72 Hour Bi-directional Counts & Classified Turn Movement Counts at 18 Intersections


(615) 431-3750


(404) 348-0344


(615) 431-3750

Knoxville, TN

8 Hour Classified Turn Movement Counts at 24 Intersections

North Carolina

(919) 825-0302


(214) 382-2014


(502) 795-3702


(804) 312-8194

Memphis, TN

Weekend Data Collection at 10 Locations to Analyze Traffic Volume & Impact of Interchange Bridge Closure

100% of all video footage is viewed by our team of dedicated data analysts.

Our in-house-built OmniCam cameras are some of the most technologically advanced in the industry.

Multiple step process & spot checks to ensure accurate verification of analysis & report data.

Analysis report provided in PDF & Excel as standard with custom data formatting & reporting available. 

Full analysis report in 3 - 5 business days after data collection.

Advanced technology & large number collection cameras help us stay price competitive.

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