Turner Field Data Collection Atlanta, Fulton County, GA.

HD video surveillance cameras were installed to record footage at 18 intersections surrounding Turner Field.  The video footage was then analyzed to provide classified turn movement counts for an 4 hour period (7:00 AM to 9:00 AM, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM) broken into 15 minute intervals with hourly totals and peak hour data. 72 hour

Bi-directional counts were also counted at an additional 7 intersections.

This parking study focused on the 2nd Avenue (304 ​spaces) and 4th Avenue (338 spaces) parking garages in downtown Franklin and the surrounding street parking. The study was conducted on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Prior to 7:00 AM an inspection took place to determine an accurate count of vehicles already in garages. For the parking garage accumulation study Marr utilized their in-house-built mini HD video surveillance cameras which were installed to record all vehicles entering and exiting the garages. The video footage was then analyzed to provide a total number of parked vehicles in 15 minute intervals for the 12 hour study. Due to the large scale of the street parking, analysis vehicles were deployed on predetermined routes every 30 minutes for the 12 hour duration. Video footage was captured using dashcam technology to record all vehicles parked along routes. This data was then analyzed and a report was provided which highlighted vehicle volumes and parking capacity.


Parking Study - Franklin, Williamson County, TN.

A weekend study for TDOT was completed at 10 locations surrounding I-240 at SR 57 Interchange. The study determined vehicle volumes and assessed the impact of weekend bridge closures in hopes to expedite the repair schedule. HD video surveillance cameras were installed to record footage from 8:00 PM Friday until 7:00 AM Monday. The footage was then analyzed to provide classified vehicle turn movement counts at all locations broken down into 15 minute intervals with hourly totals and peak hour data.


I-240 at SR 57 Interchange Data Collection Memphis, Shelby County, TN.

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